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There are numerous types of injuries a shopper might suffer in incidents occurring both in and out of the store. Some are the result of falling. For example, in stores where carts are used a patron might fall if a cart tips over. Physical problems within the store such as poor lighting, torn carpets and wet floors can also lead to a shopper falling. Escalator malfunctions could cause a visitor to be injured within the store. Outside of the store, a person might fall due to ice or snow allowed to accumulate or a crack in the sidewalk or parking lot.

Falling objects can also inflict injuries upon shoppers. Displays meant to entice could come apart or a product placed out of reach could fall, hurting shoppers who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On some occasions over-crowding could result in injuries due to trampling. This is particularly likely to happen when a store is having a promotion or around the holidays.

Stores are expected to maintain the premises. When a store fails to do this and a shopper is hurt, that individual may seek to file a premises liability lawsuit. For more information on the topic a lawyer can be of assistance.

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