While the son and mother received cuts as a result of the shards of glass that flew through the air, the husband and father fared worse. The glass fell directly upon his head.

Following the accident the family filed a lawsuit against the hotel as well as the businesses that operate it. They sought damages in the amount of $75,000 for emotional distress, negligence and loss of consortium.

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The defendants are planning on fighting the case. In response to the claim they asserted that the incident could have occurred after the woman and her son shot a slingshot at the glass. There is nothing to prove that this is in fact what happened however and the jury will have to consider the evidence and make a ruling regarding the matter.

Though specifics surrounding the injury suffered by the man are not provided, it is easy for most to imagine how seriously he could have been hurt by the falling glass. If the incident has resulted in many medical bills and the man who was hurt is heavily relied upon by his family for financial and other reasons, a recovery could be much needed.

Source: Courthouse News, “About That Slingshot …,” Rose Bouboushian, Jan. 29, 2014

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