To prevent swimming pools from becoming a cesspool for germs, it is necessary to add certain chemicals to the water. When the chemicals are not handled correctly, it is possible that someone could be poisoned by the chemicals. A report recently issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, highlights just how dangerous is can be.

Published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the research, which utilized hospital emergency information from approximately 100 facilities, estimated that in 2012 approximately 4,900 individuals went to hospital emergency rooms located nationwide, as a result of injuries related to pool chemicals. Many of these injuries–more than a third– involved pools located at residences. Perhaps more alarming is the statistic regarding who is being injured by pool chemicals. According to the research 46 percent of those who were hurt in 2012, were teens and children.

To prevent injuries there are several steps the CDC recommends taking. These include:

  • Keeping pool chemicals locked up.
  • Keeping children away from the chemicals.
  • Using masks and goggles while handling pool chemicals.
  • Following the instructions included with the pool chemicals.

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In certain situations it is possible that injuries induced by pool chemicals could lead to personal injury lawsuits. Such a case might be viable if an individual responsible for caring for a pool failed to keep the chemicals away from those who were injured. As is the case with any personal injury situation the best place to start with a lawsuit is to consult with a lawyer.

Source: Fox News, “Pool chemicals injure nearly 5,000 yearly,” Rachael Rettner, May 16, 2014

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