It appears that a woman’s “medical episode” while behind the wheel led to a serious crash in the Pittsburgh area on Apr. 19. According to WTAE-TV, the driver suddenly went onto the sidewalk in front of a bar in Lawrenceville, striking a pole before hitting three pedestrians.

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Fortunately, the pedestrians’ injuries were deemed not to be life-threatening at the hospital. Witnesses said they saw the driver conscious and speaking to police officers afterward. The nature of the her “medical episode” is not clear, nor does WTAE mention if she received medical attention at the scene.

Some chronic conditions, such as epilepsy, make driving a car too risky, at least until the would-be driver has his or her symptoms under control. Depending on what kind of incident the driver suffered — and whether she has experienced such an incident before — her decision to drive could potentially have been a negligent one. However, there is too much unknown at this point to say for sure.

Cases like this show how a pedestrian can get hit by a car out of nowhere, even when they are not trying to cross the street. Even when pedestrians follow the law and stay alert, they can still wind up with terrible injuries.

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