There’s little doubt that the playfully designed three-wheeler is fun to drive and ride in, but like so many motorcycles, its eye-appeal simply isn’t enough to keep riders safe. A Slingshot wasn’t seen in time before a recent collision with a four-wheeled motor vehicle just 20 miles north of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, the 52-year-old woman riding as a passenger in the Slingshot was killed in the crash.

The Slingshot was on Route 208 in Mercer County when a man driving a pick-up truck swung into its lane to pass another vehicle. The pick-up and motorcycle slammed head-on.

The male driver of the Polaris has been listed in critical condition, while the driver of the pick-up was listed in good condition at a Pittsburgh hospital, according to a newspaper report.

As is so often the case in motorcycle accidents, what begins as a fun ride ends in tragedy.

For the surviving motorcyclist, there are clearly still medical issues to be resolved. In similar situations, a person might well be left with severe injuries requiring surgeries or disabilities requiring a lifetime of care.

We wish the best for him and for the family of the woman who died in that horrific crash.

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