The NHTSA has been working with the Research and Innovation Technology Administration (RITA), the auto industry, and state and federal agencies to develop technology to help prevent the incidence of serious car accidents. Specifically, researchers have been assessing the feasibility of a Wi-Fi-like technology that will allow cars to communicate with one another to avoid collisions. If the system senses that the vehicle is about to collide with an object or another vehicle, it will either alert the driver – perhaps by sounding an alarm or vibrating the driver’s seat – or take avoidance measures on its own.

By some estimates, this sort of system could reduce the number of highway fatalities and injuries by half. As an additional benefit, the system could re-route drivers to avoid congestion using real-time information.

These sorts of features may be a few years away, but they are sure to play a key role in preventing accidents in the future.

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Source: Washington Post, “The not-too-distant future of driving: When cars can talk, crashes may be avoided,” Ashley Halsey III.

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