While numerous high profile accidents, in which toxic chemicals have been spilled and lives have been lost, have happened since her appointment, the response to her actions has nonetheless been well received.

Specifically, her actions regarding grade-crossing incidents by calling upon local law enforcement agencies to increase their presence at the sites has been lauded. Having them there to, among other things, ticket automobile drivers who attempt to beat the warning lights, could help to reduce the number of train accidents that occur at these locations. She estimates that currently, approximately 95 percent of the incidents that occur at grade-crossings are the result of errors on the part of pedestrian or driver error.

In addition, her hands on approach and depth of knowledge are appreciated by many.

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Whether the actions the FRA takes reduce the number of train accidents that occur in the future remains to be seen. Should train accidents continue to occur it is possible that civil claims related to injuries, death and damage could be filed. Complicated matters such as these require the assistance of a lawyer and the sooner that individual is contacted, the better.

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