Motorists, bicyclists, parents, guardians and children can all be “Roll Models.” The NHTSA created this campaign in hopes of decreasing traffic crashes and preventing injuries and deaths caused by errors made by drivers and bicyclists.

The NHTSA’s definition of being a “Roll Model” is as follows:

•· Being focused while riding or driving and avoiding all distractions.

•· Being prepared

•· Remembering that safety comes first-a bicyclist should always wear a safety helmet regardless of their age.

•· Following the rules of the road- bicycles are considered vehicles. Because bicyclists have the same rights as a motorist, it is a bicyclist’s responsibility to follow the same rules.

•· Being aware of law enforcement- they will watch for unsafe conduct that puts anyone on the road at risk.

•· Sharing the road-motorists and bicyclists need to share the road with each other at all times.

Being a “Roll Model” is more than simply following these rules. It is leading by example and sharing these and other safety tips with your family and friends.

With warmer weather upon us, we will begin to see an increase in bicyclists around the area. It is important for drivers to pay extra attention during this time. Pittsburgh has also begun to create a safer bicycle infrastructure around the city. They have added in several bike lanes along Penn Avenue and plan to add more.

Bicyclists also need to do their part by paying extra attention while on the road. In a previous blog post we talked about mistakes bicyclists often make and how to avoid them. To read more about that post you can visit our blog here.

Whether you ride for fun or for transportation, everyone can do their part to make the roads safer for all.


NHTSA, “Be a Roll Model”

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