Morgan alleged that Wal-Mart was at fault for the actions the driver of the truck took while behind the wheel, leading to the crash. In the lawsuit he specifically claimed that the driver:

  • Had been working long hours
  • Was fatigued
  • Was speeding
  • Fell asleep at the wheel

Now, nearly a year following the crash, that in addition to the injuries Morgan suffered left another occupant dead and three others hurt, there is news regarding a settlement.

Though the terms of the settlement between Morgan and the retailer have not been made public, following the announcement, the U.S. president and CEO of Wal-Mart indicated that the company was sad that one of its trucks was involved in the incident. He also expressed the company’s happiness with having reached a resolution to the matter.

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While Morgan likely has more money than the average individual involved in an incident of this nature, any funds he received in the settlement could be used to make his life easier going forward. In addition, the high profile nature of his case could bring attention to the issue of fatigued truck drivers. Since so many people are placed at risk when a truck driver gets behind the wheel without enough sleep, most would probably hope that this is the outcome.

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