In 2015 Pittsburgh spent $1.6 million on bike projects around the city. Since 2007, Pittsburgh as added nearly 75 miles of bike lanes and shared lanes. In the last few years alone, the city has started constructing protected bike lanes at strategic locations.

The proliferation of bike infrastructure provides an opportunity for avid cyclists and casual bicyclists alike to enjoy a ride through the city, bike to work, or get some exercise.

But more cyclists on the road means more accidents. So how can we improve safety? Check out our infographic on Pittsburgh’s emerging bicycle infrastructure.Bike Lanes Infograph Short

Click here to view the infographic.

Pennsylvania law gives bicyclists the same right to the road as drivers. But that comes with the responsibility to follow all traffic and bicycle-specific laws.

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The infographic explores Pittsburgh’s goal of improving bike infrastructure in the city and how a rise in accidents involving bicycles has accompanied the increased spending on bike projects. It also shares some tips that bicyclists and drivers can follow to keep our roads safe for all users.

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