Here are some ways that medication errors by pharmacists, physicians or anesthesiologists can lead to patient harm:

  • Negligent pharmacists can give patients the wrong prescription or fill it with an improper dosage. They can also fail to discuss the patient’s drug history, and ensure they know about the new drug’s potential side effects.
  • Doctors can also commit medication errors, by carelessly prescribing an improper drug, or the right drug at the wrong dosage.
  • When a patient is getting prepped for surgery, a negligent anesthesiologist can easily harm the patient. Anesthesia must be administered very carefully, or else the patient is at risk of brain damage or death.

Prescription medication helps thousands of Pittsburgh residents recover from illness or control the symptoms of chronic conditions. But doctors must be thoughtful about prescribing these drugs, and pharmacists must take care when filling a prescription. Patients will rarely realize there is a problem with their medicine until after it has harmed them.

Even when the patient survives, he or she could face months of recovery, or their health could be permanently affected. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight for compensation alone. An experienced personal injury lawyer can make the difference between an unsuccessful and successful claim.

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