The vehicles affected are buggies and golf carts manufactured by E-Z-GO. In total, approximately 30,000 vehicles were recalled. They were available for purchase for a little over a year and a half, beginning in August 2012. The recall was announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

When a product does not work the way it is intended, it could result in injuries to its users. In the case of motor vehicles such as this one, even at a lower rate of speed, occupants could be seriously hurt. So far one accident involving one of the recalled vehicles has been reported. In it, the person behind the wheel of the vehicle lost control of it causing it to hit a curb. The driver suffered a minor injury in the form of a chipped tooth.

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It is easy to see how more serious injuries could be suffered in an incident involving one of the defective vehicles. Most people assume that a product made available for purchase will work the way it is intended. When it doesn’t, it is possible that the injured party could file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. Whether any incidents that would warrant such a claim in this situation remains to be seen.

Source: United Press International, “E-Z-GO recalls 30,000 vehicles,” Brooks Hays , April 22, 2014

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