eggs with stickerThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it plans to begin naming stores who may be carrying recalled food.  At this time, the FDA only names the stores sometimes which can be confusing for consumers. 

Food recalls will begin providing consumers with more information like where the recalled products are sold and when. This helps consumers know what to look out for when shopping at certain retailers. 

The FDA says this has not been done in the past because certain food supply manufacturer’s information is confidential between the supplier and the retailer.

In some instances, it is enough to only disclose the recalled manufacturer; however, in cases where the affected product does not have a label or brand name, it can be difficult for consumers to know what is exactly recalled. This is the case for items such as deli meats, nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables.

The FDA is currently proposing a new policy in which it will more often name retailers where affected recalled items are sold.

Recovering compensation after an injury or illness from a defective product

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If you can prove that your food poisoning or food-related illness or injury was caused by a contaminated or misbranded food product, you may be able to pursue a product liability claim against the business that sold or prepared that food product. You should also contact your local health department to report the incident.

A claim against the negligent business or manufacturer for food poisoning or food- related illness or injury will seek recovery of medical bills, lost wages, out of pocket expenses and pain and suffering.

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Source: NBC News, “Food recalls will name affected stores more often, FDA says”

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