The SUV was traveling Route 422 when the PennDot snow plow pushed ice and snow over the wall on Route 19 and onto the vehicle below. The windshield of the SUV was shattered and the driver was taken to the hospital for minor eye injuries. No one else in the car was injured. At least 4 feet of snow had been packed against the walls of the bridge.

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Several years ago, a similar incident involving a car parked near an overpass occurred in Butler County. To help prevent this from happening again, policy for plowing bridges and overpasses will change. Once snow has been plowed against the sides of bridges and overpasses the snow will then be removed by a front loader. Flag crews will be used to assist the snow removal.

PennDOT in the state’s capital has not yet issued a statement as to whether this accident will prompt policy change throughout the state. This case is being treated as an accident. The PennDot snow plow driver was unaware of the problem until he stopped moments later to help the passengers in the SUV.


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