Yesterday, surveillance cameras caught half of the Highway 219 bridge collapse while workers from a subcontracted company were underneath it.

The workers were in the process of making a series of cuts underneath the bridge when it collapsed. Three were injured and taken to nearby hospitals. One of those three had to be transported by helicopter.

There were also a few workers on top of the bridge when it collapsed. Those workers suffered minor injuries such as bumps and scrapes.

Witnesses say all you could see was the bottom of the bridge laying on the ground.

PennDOT has hired engineers to do a forensic investigation at the scene of the accident.

There is currently no word on the injured workers’ conditions.

When traumatic and unpredictable things happen such as this incident, sometimes an investigation is warranted to make sure there were no acts of fault. Because the accident occurred while the men were working, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits while they recover.

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WTAJ News, “Three Workers Injured in Bridge Collapse”

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