This is an issue throughout the nation including the state of Pennsylvania. Between the years of 2010 and 2014, PennDOT reported that four people were killed in wrecks that were alcohol-related. A total of 196 crashes related to the holiday occurred.

Law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania are gearing up for the holiday this year. Between March 13 and March 21, DUI tasks forces will be patrolling for drunk drivers. Their goal is to remove as many drunk drivers from the road as possible. Despite this increased enforcement, it is possible that car accidents caused by impaired drivers will still occur.

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As is the case with any car crash the severity will vary based on a variety of factors. In some case any injuries suffered will be minor. Other times however they can be severe and could even result in death. Either of these situations could lead to a personal injury lawsuit being filed. When successful, cases of this nature can lead to financial compensation for the injuries or loss.

When someone suffers and injury or the loss of a loved one, their immediate focus is generally on healing or planning a funeral. After those matters are attended to, it is often a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer. The sooner this is done, usually the better.

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