Over in New Jersey, bar owners have teamed up with rideshare company Uber and the John R. Elliott HERO Campaign to give bar patrons an alternative to drunk driving this season. Bars participating in the program will offer free sodas and “other benefits” for designated drivers who bring in membership cards from the HERO Campaign, which can be obtained online, according to KYW-TV.

For those who do not plan on a sober ride home, Uber is offering rides for first-time customers who sign up through the New Jersey Licensed Beverage Association. The first $20 worth of fare is free.

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Programs like this can help reduce drinking and driving among people who take proactive steps to avoid doing it. But others will ignore opportunities to drive safely, and instead have too much to drink at Thanksgiving dinner. While the odds that any of our readers will get hit by a drunk driver this holiday weekend, if it does happen, you could be left with terrible injuries.

One way of being made “whole” after a car crash caused by another person’s negligence is to seek financial compensation from that person in a personal injury lawsuit.

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