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Back to School Safety

It is back to school for most children throughout Pennsylvania. With an increase in traffic and children traveling, it is more important than ever for students, bus drivers and other motorists to be alert and cautious while on the road. To ensure the safety of our students, drivers should know exactly what the Pennsylvania School Bus Stopping Laws are.

According to Just Drive PA, Pennsylvania's School Bus Stopping Laws are as follows:

Family of woman sues after fire claims her life

When parents send their child off to college it is often with mixed emotions. On the one hand there is often excitement for the young person and all of the new things they will learn and experience. It is also often difficult to let go and many may console themselves by focusing on the rules and regulations in place in society to keep people safe. Sadly, they do not always work.

High Temperatures Pose Dangers for Playgrounds

It is important that playgrounds are properly maintained for children. New technology and advancements have been put in place to try and make playgrounds even safer for children; however, some products may present new risks.

New rubber playground surfaces are replacing concrete or mulch. These rubber surfaces are designed to cushion a child's fall and reduce the chance for a serious injury. The surfaces are made to be more flexible and pliable; however, when it is hot outside, this rubber material can reach scorching temperatures. An investigation compared the temperatures of mulch to the temperatures of the rubber surfaces at playgrounds. The results showed that the mulch reached temperatures of 136 degrees while the rubber reached temperatures of 170 degrees. Individuals also stated that the hot rubber surfaces melted the bottoms of some thin sandals.

Pittsburgh ranks low in 'best drivers' report

Discussions about residents of a certain area of the country being terrible at driving are nothing new. As it turns out, for residents of the Pittsburgh area, there may some truth behind it. A report recently released by the insurance company Allstate, found that Pittsburgh ranks near the bottom when it comes to driving well. This is the 10th year that the “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report,” has been published.

The report is based only on claims information reported by its policy-holders. In Pittsburgh, approximately 20,000 drivers are insured by Allstate. That accounts for 7.63 of all of the drivers in the area who are old enough to get a driver’s license.

Exoskeleton helps former Olympian walk again

There is no question the former Olympian Amy Van Dyken-Rouen is a force to be reckoned with. Her aggression helped to propel her to a total of two Olympics as a swimmer where she won six gold medals. Lately however the woman has been in the news in conjunction with the catastrophic All Terrain Vehicle accident she had this past June. 

The fall left her unable to feel or move anything below her waist. Since the incident she has been working on rehabilitating her body. This recently paid off as she was allowed to walk with the assistance of a bionic exoskeleton device. Since she has not regained feeling in her legs it would not be possible for her to reach this mile stone without the aid of the exoskeleton. Other paraplegics are likely expressing their hope that the device soon becomes available to all.

Pennsylvania program may save lives following car accidents

Traffic accidents are an unfortunate unintended result of the wide spread use of motor vehicles throughout the nation. While there are continual efforts to try to reduce the number of crashes that occur, once they do happen and someone is hurt, it is important to address those injuries as quickly as possible. The Pennsylvania Transportation Department has a program designed to help with that aspect.

Called the Yellow Dot Program, it involves the placement of a sticker that is a yellow dot, in the back window of the vehicle. The appearance of that sticker alerts the emergency personnel who respond to the accident that medical information that could have a bearing on the outcome of the incident is in the glove compartment.

Father files Dram Shop lawsuit following death of son

Drunk driving occurs in communities throughout the nation. As is the case with all motor vehicle accidents, those in which alcohol is a factor can lead to serious injuries and even death. Accordingly, many communities do what they can to promote alternative modes of transportation. Unfortunately this does not always work and some individuals get behind the wheel of cars to drive anyway. These incidents sometimes lead to lawsuits against the parties responsible for the crash.

Do you know what constitutes aggressive driving?

Car accidents are a reality on roads throughout the state of Pennsylvania. While each crash has its own set of contributing factors, in general there are several factors commonly cited as reasons. One of the things that often contributes to motor vehicle accidents in the Pittsburgh area is aggressive driving.

Understanding that this is an issue on the roads, police departments throughout the state have partnered with PennDOT to try to make Pennsylvania highways safer by deterring aggressive drivers. In addition to additional enforcement on the state’s roads, this takes the form of education as well. Since 2006, this approach has targeted more than 580 roads.

Woman injured in slip and fall sues convenience store

While many residents of the Pittsburgh area may deem filling the car up with gas a pesky chore, few likely consider it to be dangerous. The reality however is that in certain situations it can be. This is particularly true when the temperature drops and surfaces become slippery. A woman who was hurt when she slipped at a 7-Eleven located in another Pennsylvania city learned this firsthand.

The woman said she slipped and fell on ice that was located around the pump. As a result of that fall she said she suffered severe bodily injuries. The injuries were not specified but she indicated that it is possible that they could become permanent.

Update on Fayette County fair accident involving horse

On Thursday, July 31, 2014, an accident occurred just outside the Fayette County fair that killed a horse. You can visit our previous blog post here where we first wrote about the incident. The details of the incident have been updated.

We now know it was a family of four in the vehicle that was traveling on Route 119 South when they struck the horse. The driver says he never even saw what they had hit. The accident occurred during a fireworks show that was going on at the fair. Police have reported, that the fireworks scared the horse, causing it to break free onto the road.

Thursday was the fair's annual rodeo and horse judging event. Fireworks were originally scheduled for Wednesday according to the fair's website. The fair then posted on its Facebook page that the fireworks were to be rescheduled for Thursday. Horse owners said they were unaware of the change. They have also expressed that horses do not respond well to fireworks and that the fair board should know that having the two together is not safe.

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