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Pittsburgh could benefit from federal pedestrian bike initiative

Walking and biking are popular activities in the Pittsburgh area. Unfortunately, accidents involving those individuals and vehicles do occur. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in 2013, crashes related to bicyclists accounted for 1.1 percent of accidents reported in the state.  The percentage was higher where pedestrian-related crashes were concerned--3.5 percent. While information regarding the injuries suffered in these accidents is unclear, it is known that during the course of that year, 13 pedestrians died in accidents that occurred in Allegheny County.

Millions of Vehicles Recalled Due to Defective Air Bags

In June, millions of vehicles were recalled due to possible defective air bags. BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Toyota were among the major automobile makers to recall their vehicles. The vehicles had to be recalled due to air bags that could potentially explode. The defective air bags were produced by a Tokyo based manufacturer called Takata.

Takata is a manufacturer that many automobile makers turn to in order to reduce the cost of parts; however, this presents the risk for potential recalls. So far, there have been 10 million vehicle recalls since 2009. The latest of the recalls include 2.9 million vehicles. In a previous blog post, we spoke about the latest recalls General Motors has issued this year. For more information on those recalls, visit our blog here.

Safety tips that could reduce ATV accidents and injuries

For many in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, riding All Terrain Vehicles is a fun past time. While ATVs are utilized without incident regularly, when they are involved in accidents, the outcome can be devastating, leading to catastrophic injuries or even death.

To try to reduce the number of serious ATV accidents that occur, it is important to ride as safely as possible. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides a list of things that riders can do to promote ATV safety.

Stricter Texting While Driving Laws Result in Fewer Accidents

In the United States, more than 9 people each day are killed and 1,060 are injured due to distracted driving. This includes texting while driving. Many states have put laws in to place to help diminish this behavior behind the wheel.

Some states have banned all drivers from texting while driving, while other states have only banned young drivers from texting while driving. These bans vary from state to state and fall under two categories: primary and secondary enforcement. Primary enforcement means an officer may pull an individual over if they see them texting while driving. Secondary enforcement means an officer must have an additional reason for pulling over the vehicle; for example speeding or running a stop sign.

Tractor-Trailer's Tires Cause Fatal Accident on Interstate 79

Traffic was backed up for miles on Interstate 79, near the Mt. Nebo exit, on Monday morning due to a deadly crash that killed one person and injured two others. It has been reported that tractor-trailer tires were the cause of the fatal accident.

The tractor-trailer was traveling northbound on Interstate 79 early Monday morning, when two of its tires fell off and crashed into the windshield of an SUV. The driver of the SUV was killed in the accident and the passenger was injured.

Laptop power cords recalled due to overheating

It is likely that may people reading this post have a laptop computer. The transportable computers have become such an integral part of most peoples’ lives that there are many different brands and styles available. Few who use these electronic devices probably think that they could be injured by them. Individual who have Hewlett-Packard laptops may want to think twice about this. There is a risk that the power cord could overheat and melt.

As a result of that risk, more than 6 million of the devices have been recalled. They were sold in either the United States or Canada. Some probably were purchased by residents of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area.

Amusement Parks Release Quarterly Injury Report

Pittsburgh is home to many amusement parks including Idlewild, Kennywood and Sandcastle. During the summer, many residents planned family trips to these amusement parks and others around the country. It's important for families to know that although these parks are designed for entertainment, any amusement park can present hazardous conditions if they are not properly maintained.

Although accidents at these parks are uncommon, when they do occur the injuries can be severe. This was the case for a man whose fingertips were severed while he was riding Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean this summer. A report shows, that a 12-year-old boy cut four of his fingers on the same ride a few months prior.

Back to School Safety

It is back to school for most children throughout Pennsylvania. With an increase in traffic and children traveling, it is more important than ever for students, bus drivers and other motorists to be alert and cautious while on the road. To ensure the safety of our students, drivers should know exactly what the Pennsylvania School Bus Stopping Laws are.

According to Just Drive PA, Pennsylvania's School Bus Stopping Laws are as follows:

Family of woman sues after fire claims her life

When parents send their child off to college it is often with mixed emotions. On the one hand there is often excitement for the young person and all of the new things they will learn and experience. It is also often difficult to let go and many may console themselves by focusing on the rules and regulations in place in society to keep people safe. Sadly, they do not always work.

High Temperatures Pose Dangers for Playgrounds

It is important that playgrounds are properly maintained for children. New technology and advancements have been put in place to try and make playgrounds even safer for children; however, some products may present new risks.

New rubber playground surfaces are replacing concrete or mulch. These rubber surfaces are designed to cushion a child's fall and reduce the chance for a serious injury. The surfaces are made to be more flexible and pliable; however, when it is hot outside, this rubber material can reach scorching temperatures. An investigation compared the temperatures of mulch to the temperatures of the rubber surfaces at playgrounds. The results showed that the mulch reached temperatures of 136 degrees while the rubber reached temperatures of 170 degrees. Individuals also stated that the hot rubber surfaces melted the bottoms of some thin sandals.

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