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Latch on Ferrari trunk prompts recall

There is an old adage that you get what you pay for. Under it one may assume that the more expensive the item, the better quality it will be and the less chance there is of it being defective. While this may be true in some cases, in others, it may not make a difference. This is illustrated in the recent recall issued by the exotic car maker, Ferrari. 

Young Girl Suffers from Chemical Burns after Using Temporary Halloween Tattoos

A seven-year-old girl went to a Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World earlier this month. Her costume of choice was a peacock and she accessorized with "Fright Night" eye shadow tattoos. Two days after the use of the tattoos, she ended up in the emergency room because the skin around her eyes was inflamed and dry.

Her parents took her to a local hospital near Orlando, Florida. The doctors there believe she had a chemical burn that took off two layers of skin around the eye area where the tattoos were. She was given antibiotics and steroid cream.

Halloween themed hayride turns deadly

There are many traditions that take place only during this time of year. One of these is a Halloween themed hayride. While this activity is often a lot of fun, as a recent accident illustrates, in some circumstances it can also be dangerous. A teen was killed when something went horribly wrong with the hayride she was on. Though this accident took place in another state, with the popularity of these types of events, it is easy to see how it could happen in the state of Pennsylvania as well. 

Five-Day-Old Baby Shot Inside His Home by a Hunter

A newborn in Pennsylvania, was shot on September 25, 2014, at his home near Saltsburg. The baby was in his father's arms when a bullet came through a window of the home hitting him in the head. The father was grazed by the bullet during the incident as well. The newborn was flown to UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh for surgery and remains in intensive care.

The shot came from a farm in the distance where someone was hunting deer. The private property belongs to a farmer who said he has a special permit that allows people to hunt deer on his property even out of season because they damage his crops. It is reported that the farmer's son-in-law fired the shot that hit the baby.

Bounce House Accident Leaves Two Toddlers Seriously Injured

Two brothers, ages two and three, were hospitalized after a bounce house they were in flew 30 feet in the air. The boys were visiting a Halloween festival on a farm in New Hampshire when the incident occurred.

The bounce house was not in service and was placed in a restricted area of the farm where festival goers were not allowed to be. The farmer said the house was only inflated so it would be able to dry out due to the rain that was coming, but it was not to be used.

You were involved in a car accident, now what?

With all of the cars on roads throughout the state of Pennsylvania it is not surprising that automobile accidents occur. While the severity of these car accidents varies, it is important that every driver know the steps he or she should take following such an incident.

The first couple of things are fairly common sense. It is important to stay at the scene and if possible determine the condition of others who were involved in the incident. When necessary, medical attention should be sought and individuals who appear to be suffering from back or neck pain should not be moved. The exception to this is when the area is hazardous.

"Hands free" does not equate to "distraction free" for drivers

In the ongoing discussion about distracted driving, there is often an emphasis on hand held devices. As a work around, some states pass laws making it illegal for drivers to use hand held devices such as cell phones, while operating a vehicle. Earlier this fall the state of Pennsylvania codified a law that makes it illegal for drivers of commercial trucks to engage in this behavior. While this law may have brought some Pennsylvania residents relief, the results of a recent study indicate that there is still a reason for concern. 

Port Authority Bus Plunges Over Hillside

On Tuesday September 22, 2014, a Port Authority bus went over a hillside while traveling on Interstate 279. Officials from the Port Authority, said the accident was a result of reckless driving; however, the driver's attorney believes otherwise.

The accident happened around 2 p.m. According to witnesses and video footage, the buses were driving fast and switching lanes in a reckless manner. The two Port Authority bus drivers were gesturing to one another before their buses made contact and lost control.

Concussions can have lasting impact

The term traumatic brain injury likely instills fear in those who hear it. Though less threatening sounding than TBI, readers may not be aware that a concussion is in fact a type of TBI. It is the result of the head and brain moving back and forth quickly due to a variety of instances including a blow or bump to the head.

While it is becoming more a more common to hear about individuals—both kids and adults—suffering from concussions while playing sports, they occur in other situations as well including slip and falls, motor vehicle accidents and construction accidents. Regardless of how the injury is incurred, its long-term effects can be devastating to the person who has suffered it.

Premises liability basics

Many people in the state of Pennsylvania keep their property up because it is important to them to have a nice looking, well taken care of home or business. The benefits of maintaining property can extend beyond looks however as it could prevent a visitor from being injured. When someone is hurt on the property of another person they could file a lawsuit against you to try to secure damages. These types of lawsuits, referred to as premises liability lawsuits, can be filed against the owners of a variety of different property types including homes, retail businesses and even amusement parks.

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