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National efforts to deal with driver fatigue

Driver fatigue, sometimes referred to as "drowsy driving," is a serious safety issue on our roads. Mark R. Rosekind, the administrator for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is devoting a considerable amount of time to this issue. Addressing this issue requires contributions of business, science and politics.

Like so many other accidents, the important thing to remember regarding accidents involving driver fatigue is that such accidents are preventable. Rosekind is motivated in reducing preventable accidents in part because of own his personal experience. When Rosekind was still a child, his father who was a motorcycle officer died due to another driver running a red light. "I have been touched personally by the tragedy and share that. In 2013, the number of lives lost on our roadways was 32,710, and while that number is coming down, it is still unacceptably high."

Dram shop law offers hope for victims of drunk drivers

Alcohol is a factor in many serious motor vehicle accidents. As the victim of a drunk driver – or the family member of a victim – you may be entitled to seek compensation through a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

A successful claim requires proving negligence on the part of the drunk driver. Negligence is often easy to prove when the driver tested over the limit. Even in a clear-cut case, however, actually getting the compensation you deserve might not be so easy. Many drunk drivers simply don’t have the money or assets to satisfy judgments against them. Enforcement steps such as wage garnishment may get you only pennies on the dollar. So where else can you turn?

Safety Tips for Your Road Trip

Spring has officially begun and that means road trips and vacations are right around the corner. If your family is planning a road trip this summer, take some time to review these travel safety tips. It is important to plan ahead of time to prevent a breakdown or crash on the road.

Before your trip, take care of any regular maintenance that needs performed on your vehicle such as a tune-up, oil change, battery check and tire rotation. Once your vehicle is well maintained, you can perform a few other safety checks on your vehicle.

Proving your case after a truck accident

Commercial trucks have the ability to cause immense damage due to their size alone. When a tractor-trailer and a car collide, the smaller vehicle rarely comes out unscathed.

Of course, like in any other motor vehicle accidents, an injured victim may pursue a personal injury claim to recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Going up against major trucking companies in Pittsburgh and elsewhere, however, can be a different process than other personal injury cases, so knowing how to prove negligence is very important.

Three tips for reducing your risk of a motorcycle accident

As the official start of spring is nearly upon us, bikers across Pennsylvania are dusting off their gear and getting ready for motorcycle season. The increase in motorcycle traffic also coincides with more accidents. Before you hit the road, it’s important to refresh your memory on safety practices that can save your life.

The key to preventing accidents lies in understanding the risks – and taking proactive steps to reduce them. PennDOT’s “Live Free Ride Alive” program highlights several ways to stay safe on the road. Below are three key tips that every rider, whether a novice or expert, should follow.

How do criminal charges impact civil lawsuits?

Imagine that you were driving home one night and broadsided by a drunk driver. You suffered serious injuries that will put you out of work for several weeks, and your medical bills are astronomical. Police filed criminal charges against the driver who hit you, and you decide to pursue a civil personal injury lawsuit. How will the other driver's criminal case affect your civil case?

Turkeys Cause Crash in Mount Lebanon

Police reported that a flock of turkeys caused a crash in Mount Lebanon this afternoon. Six turkeys were seen crossing the road before the crash occurred.

A car stopped abruptly to let the turkeys cross the road. A 19-year-old man who was traveling behind that vehicle, lost control and fell off his motorcycle. He hit the back of the car, but remained conscious

How long does it take to get a decision on my SSD claim?

If you've applied for Social Security Disability, you've taken the first important step towards getting help. SSD is an insurance program for individuals whose disabilities prevent them from holding a full-time job for at least a year. However what most people don't realize is that, after applying, you are likely to find yourself in a waiting game. Once you've submitted your initial application, it can take five or six months for the Social Security Administration to make a decision regarding your claim.

This delay in processing an initial application occurs primarily for two reasons. First, the Social Security office sends your case to a state disability agency. This agency is responsible for making a medical evaluation for the SSA, and they work to gather medical records and information. Often, lengthy waits in the transmittal of these records contribute to delays in the processing of your application. Second, many millions of American apply for disability every year, so the Social Security Administration is swamped with claims.

If your initial application is approved for benefits, congratulations! You are in a slim minority. On average, only 25-30% of initial applications are approved. This is mainly because many applicants' disabilities don't meet the disability requirements or it does not appear that their disability will prevent them from holding a full-time job for a year or longer.

New head of FRA seeks to reduce train accidents

So that trains can be used to transport both goods as well as people throughout the nation, tracks are found in virtually all states including Pennsylvania. The many train accidents that have occurred recently on tracks in many parts of the country has put the mode of transportation in the spotlight. It has also put the work of the head of the Federal Railroad Administration in the spotlight. She has been heading up the agency for two months.

While numerous high profile accidents, in which toxic chemicals have been spilled and lives have been lost, have happened since her appointment, the response to her actions has nonetheless been well received.

What to do After you Have Been Involved in an Accident

After an accident occurs, you may not know where to turn. It is important that you take the right steps following an accident to ensure your claim gets handled properly. If you were injured in an accident, seek medical help immediately. If you were not injured in the accident, remain calm and begin following these steps.

If your car is drivable, move it to the side of the road to avoid backing up traffic or causing another accident. If your car is badly wrecked, turn on your emergency flashers and remain in your vehicle until help arrives.

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