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Pennsylvania has higher-than-average injury death rate

While Pittsburgh residents have a long history of demanding and generating excellence in everything from sports to arts, architecture, cuisine and industry, we have sometimes reluctantly conceded that we aren't the best at everything.

A recent report shows that Pennsylvania has a below-average rating among states proactive in trying to prevent injuries. Our state scored just 4 out of 10 in key indicators, including three crucial failures in efforts to prevent injuries in motor vehicle accidents.

Keeping Teens Safe on the Road

Parents spend years trying to protect their children from outside dangers and handing them the keys to the car should be no different. Now that most teens are out of school for the summer, they have more freedom on the road than before. It is important to share information with teens about the use of alcohol and its consequences, the importance of wearing a seat belt and the growing problem known as distracted driving.

Do red light cameras really increase safety at intersections?

When the idea of traffic laws being enforced by the use of cameras was first introduced, the idea wasn't just to increase revenue from traffic tickets. Consistent enforcement of certain traffic laws can be critical for our safety. At red lights in particular, people are prone to make small decisions that can have big consequences -- mistiming a yellow light can put you in the middle of the intersection when opposing traffic is supposed to start.

Red light cameras seem like an obvious safety choice, although they pose some challenging due process questions for ticketed drivers. Do they really make intersections safer, though?

Fiery crash evokes memories of other violent car accidents

Bullskin Township is a collection of villages about an hour's drive southeast of Pittsburgh. Famed for its historic landmarks, the township is in danger of becoming known for the violent automobile accidents occurring with disturbing regularity on Route 119, area residents say.

A few days ago, three vehicles collided there and flames erupted, leaving four people injured. An emergency services spokesperson said the accident began when an SUV and pick-up truck crashed in the intersection of 119 and Kingview Road.

Why are motorcycle deaths down in the US but up in Pennsylvania?

The Governors Highway Safety Association, a national nonprofit group representing state and territorial highway safety agencies, recently released its preliminary numbers on U.S. motorcycle fatalities for 2014. Based on numbers from the first nine months, the situation looks pretty good. If the numbers play out, there was a 1.8-percent drop in motorcyclist deaths last year -- but that still means approximately 4,584 riders lost their lives on U.S. roads.

PennDOT collects similar numbers for Pennsylvania, and ours didn't look nearly as good. We had at least five more motorcycle deaths in 2014 than in 2013 -- 186, as opposed to 181. The only good news is that 2012 was even worse, with 210.

Bottling company recalls spring water produced in Pennsylvania due to E. coli find

Niagara Bottling is voluntarily recalling 14 of their water brands because of an E.coli contamination at one of their springs. They said this indicates that the water may be contaminated with human or animal waste.

So far, there have been no reports of illness due to drinking the bottled spring water, but out of caution they are recalling the product. The affected bottled water products were produced at factories in Hamburg and Allentown, Pennsylvania from June 10 to June 18, 2015.

Teens seriously injured after car crashes into telephone pole

On Sunday, June 21, 2015, five teens were involved in a serious car accident in Robinson Township. The accident occurred along Clever Road around 1 a.m. Police reported that all five teenage boys are 16-years-old and go to Montour High School.

The teens were traveling westbound when police say the driver took his eyes off of the road to adjust the radio. He then lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a telephone pole.

Ready to roll across Pittsburgh

The deep-throated roar of a motorcycle is an unmistakable sound of summer. Thousands of riders in and around Pittsburgh love to feel the roads rolling beneath the wheels of their motorcycles in June, July, August and September -- and sometimes beyond those last warm days of autumn.

Veteran motorcyclists know that though they have equal rights on the roads, it's safer to assume that while you're on your bike, you're the lesser of equals. Experts say it makes sense to ride defensively; to be ready to change course and speed at a moment's notice in order to avoid motorcycle accidents and serious injuries.

Bridge collapses in Elk County leaving three workers injured

Three workers were sent to the hospital when a bridge they were working on collapsed. Palo Construction of Clarion is currently replacing the bridge. An investigation is underway to see what exactly caused the bridge to collapse. The bridge is located in the 100 block of North Broad Street and runs over Elk Creek.

Yesterday, surveillance cameras caught half of the Highway 219 bridge collapse while workers from a subcontracted company were underneath it.

What happened traffic-fatality-wise in Pennsylvania's region in 2014?

Trends when it comes to traffic fatalities can vary considerably from region to region. This can be seen in some projections the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made regarding fatal car crashes in the U.S. in 2014.

The projections come from a preliminary report the agency has issued regarding 2014 traffic fatalities (firmer statistics on such fatalities will come later this year). According to the projections, in the nation as a whole, traffic fatality totals held pretty steady between 2013 and 2014, with the projected 2014 total being 0.1 percent lower than the 2013 total.

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