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Pittsburgh-area woman killed while crossing the street

When a pedestrian is crossing the street and a driver fails to yield, there is little he or she can do. No matter how alert and careful you are, a car or truck can strike in an instant, often causing terrible harm.

In a tragic local example, a Pittsburgh-area woman was killed and her infant son was badly hurt when they were hit by an SUV late last month. The victims were in an intersection when they were struck, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports.

Do I Need an Attorney to Handle my SSD or SSI Claim?

Disability lawyers are not required when applying for Social Security Disability benefits; however, they do increase your chances of success.

You can go through all levels of the disability process on your own. You can file the application for benefits yourself, appeal your denial, and represent yourself, if needed, at you hearing in front of an Administrative Law Jude.

This is not the best approach. Statistics show that claimants who are represented by a disability lawyer win their benefits far more often than those who try to handle matters on their own. This is true at every stage; the initial claim, the reconsideration and appeal stages, as well as the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.

Is a recall under another name as effective?

When is a product recall not a recall? To some critics, when the company behind the defective product calls it a “repair program.”

Readers may have heard that discount furniture chain Ikea announced a massive “repair program” for its Malm line of dressers. The company and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said the dressers were unstable if not attached to the wall, and could injure small children when they tip over. As of July, when the repair program was announced, two children had died in Malm tip-over accidents.

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Derry Township

On Sunday, April 24, 2016, a Blairsville county man was killed in a head-on collision. The accident occurred on Route 982 in Derry Township around 2:00 p.m.

The 29-year-old victim, was riding his motorcycle when he collided head-on with a Jeep traveling in the northbound lane. The young man was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to first responders, the young man was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

Bedsores and Pittsburgh nursing home residents

About a month ago, we discussed common warning signs that your loved one living in a nursing home is being abused or neglected by the staff. One of the most common red flags is bedsores, a painful condition also known as pressure sores.

As that other name implies, bedsores occur when the patient is left in the same position in bed or a chair for long periods of time. If the person is unable to change positions periodically, the pressure eventually leads to sores. Bedsores are found most often on the tailbone, buttocks, spine, shoulder blades and the backs of the limbs.

Pittsburgh-area driver has 'medical episode' hits 3 pedestrians

There are health emergencies that strike without warning, rendering you unconscious or helpless, possibly fighting for your life. Events like strokes and seizures don’t always wait for a convenient time, and sometimes a person driving down the road can suddenly experience a medical incident that causes him or her to lose control.

It appears that a woman’s “medical episode” while behind the wheel led to a serious crash in the Pittsburgh area on Apr. 19. According to WTAE-TV, the driver suddenly went onto the sidewalk in front of a bar in Lawrenceville, striking a pole before hitting three pedestrians.

Share the Road with Motorcycles

Now that the weather is warming up, you will begin to see an increase in motorcycles on the road, sadly you will see an increase in motorcycle accidents as well.

In 2015 there were a reported 3,400 motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania; 179 of those accidents were fatal. When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, the injuries they sustain are almost always severe. They do not have the same protection that the occupants of a car do when they are involved in an accident.

What to do after your child is hurt by a defective product

Besides teaching children proper behavior and providing them love, stability and support, a parent’s most important job is to keep them safe. Children, new to the world, have to be taught boundaries. And because of their size, they must occasionally be physically rescued from peril.

Unfortunately, even products designed for children can be unsafe. Especially if the manufacturer did a bad job designing or manufacturing the item, or failed to sufficiently warn parents about potential hazards. Everyday things like toys, high chairs, car seats and cribs can contain a defect that leads to serious injury.

Social Security Disability Benefits and Mental Illnesses

Have you ever wondered if you could get Social Security Disability Benefits if you suffer from a mental illness? The answer is yes. The Social Security Administration awards benefits to individuals with mental health disorders. However, in order to be awarded benefits, an individual must meet Social Security's strict definition of disability.

A mental health disorder is a psychological or behavioral pattern that affects a person's cognitive, behavioral and perceptual functions. Symptoms of mental health disorders widely vary, but common symptoms include irritability, inability to concentrate, profound sadness, irrational thinking, sleep disturbance, and even suicidal ideations. These disorders can severely impair a person's ability to work.

Car crashes into Pittsburgh restaurant, injures diner

A patron at a Pittsburgh restaurant was injured when a car crashed through the front wall. And it could have been much worse.

According to WPXI-TV, the crash happened at a restaurant in the Oakwood neighborhood on Apr. 9. A man was eating with his wife and three children when a car slammed through the wall, which contained a large window overlooking the street.

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