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Lawmaker seeks to require drivers to brush snow and ice off cars

Let’s face it. There are many things about winter that make driving a chore. In addition, it often takes much longer to get from one place to another. While poor visibility and slippery roads certainly play a role in this, so too does having to scrape and brush snow from the car before setting off.

Though it may seem tedious, taking time to do this is important. In addition to making it possible to see while driving, it is possible that it could prevent chunks of ice or snow from falling off, striking another vehicle and causing a crash.

How to Prevent and Thaw Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can be a costly issue. When temperatures drop, pipes are susceptible to this cold. The forecast is calling for more freezing temperatures, so it is important to be aware of the risks of freezing pipes.

When water freezes it expands. This puts pressure on the pipes causing them to break. Fortunately, most pipes that freeze are ones that are only exposed to the cold. This includes outdoor hose bibs, swimming pool supply lines and any water supply pipes in unheated areas such as basements, garages or kitchen cabinets. Also, pipes that run along exterior walls with little insulation are also at risk.

Injured parties finding success with products liability lawsuits

Following an injury due to a defective product some individuals may hesitate to pursue legal action due to the stress associated with a lawsuit, without a guarantee that they will find success. As this past year illustrates people throughout the nation are in fact recovering for injuries suffered as a result of products with defects. In fact, in several instances billion-dollar punitive damages verdicts were handed down.

The case types in which these verdicts were handed down varied and included:

  • $23.6 billion to the family of a smoker who died in his mid-30s.
  • $9 billion to a man who said medication he took for diabetes caused him to get bladder cancer.

Cold Weather Dangers for Pedestrians

With below freezing temperatures, it is important if you must travel outside that you do so with caution. Children waiting for school buses and individuals who may have to walk to work, are all at risk for frostbite or frostnip.

Frostbite is a type of tissue damage caused by cold temperatures. Frostbite, like burns, are distinguished according to severity. Frostbite is rated first, second and third degree. The first degree of frostbite is called frostnip.

Two-Year-Old Child Killed by Dog in West Mifflin

On Sunday night, just after 8 p.m., a two-year-old was mauled by a pit bull. The attack happened in a home in West Mifflin.

After the pit bull bit the young girl, she was taken to Jefferson Memorial Hospital. She later died at the hospital because of her injuries. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the exact cause of death.

Pittsburgh newspaper faces premises liability lawsuit

In a recent post we wrote about accidents, such as slip and falls, that can happen in stores. This is not the only setting in which slip-and-fall accidents occur however. They can happen virtually anywhere which means that virtually any individuals or entities could find that they are defendants in a lawsuit connected with the incident—even a newspaper.

A Pennsylvania couple recently filed a lawsuit against the owners of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazaette, for injuries the wife suffered when she slipped and fell in an auditorium at an event sponsored by the paper. The August Wilson Center for African American Culture was also named in the lawsuit.

Minivan Crashes into School Bus in Somerset County

Yesterday morning, a minivan and school bus collided around Glades Pike and Crimson Oak Road in Jefferson Township. The minivan was traveling east when the driver lost control and crashed into the front end of the school bus. Both the bus and the minivan sustained heavy damage in the crash.

The school bus was transporting 13 students in grades kindergarten through ninth to the Valley School in Ligonier. The driver of the school bus and two students were taken to Somerset Hospital for treatment. The driver of the minivan and one other student were taken to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center which is a level two trauma hospital. No word on their condition has been released.

AAA report: Drivers need to do more than just call out bad driving

Every day in seemingly countless households across the U.S. someone will utter the phrase "drive safely" to a person heading out the door with their keys in their hand. While this is nothing more than a familiar platitude for many people, there are others for whom this expression is a very heartfelt remark, perhaps attributable to some personal experience.

Unfortunately, a survey released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety earlier this week shows that even the most sincere among us when it comes to safe driving may be adopting a 'do as I say, not as I do' approach.

How to Protect your Pets in the Cold Weather

With temperatures dropping this weekend, it is important to make sure your dogs are safe. Cold weather can have a huge impact on your pet's health. Here are a few tips to ensure your pets stay safe and warm this winter.

•· Understand your dog's tolerance: A pet's tolerance to cold weather can differ from pet to pet. This will depend on the dog's age, size and the type of coat they have. Shorten walks and make sure dogs have plenty of water when they get back indoors.

Shopping can be hazardous to your health

For some people shopping is an enjoyable pastime. Those who partake in the activity may expect to leave the store on a bit of a high after scoring a good deal. It is fair to say that they don't expect to feel worse. Unfortunately this is sometimes the case however as each year thousands of shoppers suffer injuries related to their retail therapy.

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