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Multi-vehicle accident involving a horse near Fayette County fair

Multi-vehicle accident involving a horse near Fayette County fair

On July 31, 2014, around 10 p.m., two vehicles and a horse were involved in an accident. The crash occurred along Route 119 and Ranch Road in Dunbar Township, near the Fayette County fair that was going on nearby.

Fayette County 911 dispatchers said a helicopter was requested shortly after the accident. Several injuries were reported and the horse is said to have been killed in the crash. The first people to arrive at the scene said an individual who was involved in the accident was sitting against a nearby guide rail with leg injuries. Only one person was sent to the hospital by ambulance with minor injuries while the others refused medical treatment.

It is believed that the horse wandered from the Fayette County fair where they have several farm animals as part of their festivities. State police barracks in Uniontown, reported one vehicle hit the horse and then a second vehicle rear-ended that vehicle.

Cooling treatment shows promise in reduction of cerebral palsy

When a mother-to-be enters a hospital to give birth to a child, she does so assuming that she and her unborn child will receive a certain level of medical care that will result in both leaving healthy. Unfortunately this is not always the outcome as a variety of things can go wrong. One of those things is a baby being deprived of oxygen.

The deprivation of oxygen to a baby during delivery can result in an injury to the baby. When a child does not receive a high enough level of oxygen during delivery, sometimes referred to as asphyxia, brain cells can die resulting in permanent damage. The severity of the injury will vary depending on many factors including how long the baby went without oxygen. Babies may be diagnosed with cerebral palsy or developmental delays. In the most tragic cases, the baby may die.

Water Jet Ski Safety

Water scooters, better known by the brand names of Jet Ski, Sea Doo and WaveRunner, are used frequently in the summer for recreational water activities. A water scooter is a watercraft that a rider sits on rather than inside. They also do not have any brakes to assist in slowing down. This poses may threats for an accident or injury to occur. This was the case for one Penn Hills man on Sunday, July 13, 2014 when his water scooter capsized while riding on the Allegheny River.

The man was riding on the water scooter with a young boy on the back. It is reported that the man was driving the water scooter aggressively around a pontoon boat. Both the man and the boy were thrown off of the water scooter and into the river; the young boy, however, was pulled to safety on board a pontoon boat. The driver remained in the water, lost his unfastened life vest and then disappeared under the water. Rescue units appeared on the scene Sunday evening to search for the missing man. The search went on for three days until the man's body was found Wednesday morning 2 ½ miles away from where he fell off of the water scooter. The cause and manner of the man's death has not been released.

Water scooters have been involved in 20 percent of all reported boat injuries yet only make up 8% of registered boats in Pennsylvania according to a report from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Water scooters can reach speeds of up to 70 mph. If a driver is moving at high speeds and hits a wave or has to make a sharp turn, capsizing is almost always a result.

Lightning strikes peak in summer months

ightning kills 51 people and injures hundreds each year in the Unites States. Lightning strikes peak during the summer months. Deaths caused by lighting have decreased over the past years; however, lightening is still one of the top three storm related killers in the United States. Most of the injuries and deaths that have been caused by lightning are due to individuals being misinformed about proper safety precautions one should take in the event of a thunderstorm.

Lightning can produce 30,000 amps of charge and 50,000-degree Fahrenheit temperatures which can cause severe electrical burns or injuries to the nervous system if someone is hit. Lightening does not always have to strike an individual directly to cause an injury; contact injuries are also often common. For example, lightening can strike a metal object that a person is touching and in return injure the individual. Lighting can also bounce off of an object and hit someone who is nearby. If lightning strikes the ground, it can cause a ground current which then strikes anyone who is standing on it.

It's important to know that nowhere outside is safe during a thunderstorm. If you can hear thunder or see lightening it is close enough to strike you. You should immediately seek shelter if you are outdoors when a storm begins.

Causes of construction zone crash unclear

Most drivers are aware that they need to pay attention to their surroundings. In addition to pedestrians and other vehicles, this includes the road itself. When people travel the same routes each day they become aware of the various nuances associated with each road. When something changes on one of the roads, such as construction, and the driver is not paying attention, the end result can be a car accident.

Dog bites on the rise in summer months

Dog bite incidents often rise in the summer months and sadly, children are the most at risk. Although the reason as to why dog bites peak during this time is uncertain, we can assume it is simply the warmer weather allowing children and dogs to be outside more often. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to make sure your child is safe around dogs this summer.

When a dog bite occurs, usually the animal is known to the family or individual who sustained the bite. Dog bite injuries often happen as a result of children disturbing dogs while they are sleeping, eating or in general do not wish to be bothered. Teach your children to be gentle and cautious with dogs and avoid bothering them when they seem occupied. In a previous blog post, we discussed how to keep children safe around dogs. For more information on how to teach your children to behave around dogs, see our previous blog post.

Hot weather can cause dogs to be irritable and behave irrationally. As a dog owner, make sure your dog has plenty of water. Also, keep track of how long you keep your dog outside for. High temperatures can not only affect your dog's behavior but also their health.

The most common injuries a child faces when bit by a dog are bites and scratches to their hands, arms, face and neck. However, dog bites can cause other serious injuries that can debilitate a child's life. Dog bites can inflict rabies, bacterial infections, tetanus ("lockjaw") or a viral infection such as herpes simplex virus. It is important to seek necessary medical treatment immediately if your child suffered a severe dog bite.

Recall finally issued for Buckyballs

Product recalls seem to be a daily occurrence in the news. Sometimes businesses are quick to issue these recalls. Other times however, a business may fight the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s effort to recall a product. One company that has found itself in this position is Maxfield & Oberton Holdings, the business that made Buckyballs.

While the name Buckyballs may not be familiar to readers, the product likely is. The small magnetic stacking balls can be a fun tactile distraction for users. Unfortunately, they are not designed for people of all ages and children have been hurt after ingesting the high-powered magnets. According to the CPSC, between the years of 2009 and 2011, an estimated 1,700 kids had to go to the emergency room after playing with Buckyballs. The strength of the magnetism contained in the balls could cause problems of swallowed.

Drowning Fifth Leading Cause of Unintentional Death

Swimming is one of Pennsylvania's most popular summer activities. Housing complexes and water parks around the area offer guests a convenient and entertaining way to cool down; however, they can pose many threats for an injury or death as well.

Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional death or injury in the United States. On average, ten people die per day due to unintentional drowning. These incidents, however, are preventable as long as pool owners, parents and swimmers follow proper safety protocol.

Any swimming pool that is open to the public must follow their state and local ordinances. For example, a housing complex in Pennsylvania with a swimming pool that is open to the public must have a lifeguard on duty. If a lifeguard is absent and a swimmer would drown, the fault would ultimately fall on the property owner. Aside from a drowning incident, if a swimmer were to have a medical emergency such as a heart attack while swimming, it would still be the fault of the property owner since they neglected to have a lifeguard on duty. A lifeguard could have helped the individual in this type of situation.

Dry rot to blame for tree falling on family vehicle

Weather can put significant wear and tear on trees causing them to deteriorate over time. If these trees are not properly maintained they can pose serious threats to the public.

This was the case for one family in Johnstown, PA on Monday June 23, 2014. The family was riding along Route 403 when a tree fell onto their vehicle. The car then veered off to the left and crashed into a utility pole. The accident resulted in two children fatalities. The other occupants of the vehicle were the children's mother, who is pregnant, her boyfriend and her two other children who were all treated for injuries after the accident.

A Somerset County police chief says they believe dry rot caused the large tree to fall on top of the family's vehicle. It has not been released who is responsible for the maintenance of the specific tree. In an instance such as this, it is likely an investigation will be done to see why the tree was left neglected.

Report indicates that teens are not wearing seat belts

Most individuals on Pittsburgh area roads are aware that the very fact that they in a car on the road places them in a position where they could be involved in a car accident. Even when a driver is following the rules of the road, if those in other cars are not, the outcome can be catastrophic. Taking one’s eyes from the road for even a few seconds can lead to an automobile accident.

While not all car accidents result in serious injuries, many people take precautions to minimize the outcome should a crash occur. For most this entails the simple act of buckling one’s seat belt.

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