Her parents took her to a local hospital near Orlando, Florida. The doctors there believe she had a chemical burn that took off two layers of skin around the eye area where the tattoos were. She was given antibiotics and steroid cream.

The tattoos were purchased at a Walmart in Harborcreek, PA. There were no warnings on the package; only a list of dyes that may be in the product. Those dyes were researched by the Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Merceyhurst University. Her research showed that four of the nine dyes were not approved by the FDA for cosmetic use around the eyes.

No recalls have been issued on the eye shadow tattoos at this time.

When someone is injured while using a product the way that it was intended, the manufacturer of the product as well as the store that sold it can be held liable for injuries. Manufacturers are responsible for making safe products for consumers. If it is found that the product indeed caused an injury to the consumer, they and any stores that carry the products, must warn the consumers of all risks that can occur from using the product.

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