The attorney alleges the dresser that fell on the two little girls was “improperly designed for use in a child’s environment” and was “improperly packaged and/or boxed at the time it was sold.”

The dresser was on clearance and already assembled when the girls’ mother purchased it. They claim that the store manager carried the dresser to the family’s vehicle after purchasing. The lawsuit says that the dresser lacked an “anchoring strap” and it did not have any visible safety warnings. The claim also suggests that the dresser was on clearance because it lacked those necessary safety features rather than it being a floor model. None of this information was released to the family at the time of purchase.

Currently the two girls’ parents are facing charges of child endangerment. Police said that the family’s home was filthy and dangerous.

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When a family loses a loved one, they may file a wrongful death claim. This action is filed to recover damages on behalf of the family or administrator of the estate. These claims are filed when the carelessness or recklessness of an individual takes the life of someone. In this case, the defective product and carelessness of the manufacturer and distributor may have caused two lives to be lost.

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