The incidents involved not only automobiles, but trucks as well. A spokesperson for a hospital located in the area where the accidents occurred, indicated that 16 individuals were transported to the facility for treatments. Though no one’s life was placed in danger as a result of the crashes, five individuals were considered trauma patients.

Though winter weather can be the cause of many motor vehicle accidents, in some cases the actions taken by the individuals behind the wheel of the vehicles involved also play a role. For example, sometimes drivers fail to completely remove snow from the windshield, making it difficult to see the road and other vehicles around them. In other situations, drivers operate their vehicles at a rate of speed that is too fast for the conditions. This could make it difficult to stop a car or truck before it runs into another vehicle on the road.

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Though specifics concerning the accidents tied to this winter storm are unclear, it is possible that some involved in the crashes could become involved in a personal injury lawsuit. Injured individuals who were hurt in any of the accidents may decide to file a claim in an attempt to recover monetary damages.

Source: WBNS-10TV, “Trucks, Dozens Of Cars Crash On Pennsylvania Turnpike,” Ron Todt and Michael Rubinkam, Feb. 14, 2014

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