When applying for SSD or SSI benefits, time is everything. There are a lot of factors involved and many are time sensitive. Most importantly, the sooner you apply the sooner what is called your back benefit, begins to accrue. This means the money you would receive if awarded benefits, will begin to accrue until you are awarded. Some people feel it’s best to wait or take time when pursuing these benefits. Maybe one wants to wait until the New Year. We recommend starting the process as soon as possible. What better way to go into the New Year with the comfort of knowing your claim has been started and is being taken care.

Applying for Social Security and Disability benefits is something that can be rather complex and some people do not realize that they qualify for these benefits. As a family member or friend, it is hard to watch your loved one suffer. If you want some general information about what this process is like and what you can expect from it, call us for a free consultation.

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Making sure the ones we care for are healthy and financially taken care of is a weight that falls onto the shoulders of an entire family. Let Berger and Green take the stress out of your and your family’s lives while we go after the benefits you deserve. Going through these times alone is hard. With the care and support of your loved ones and Berger and Green handling your disability claim, together we can alleviate some of the stress while you focus on your health.

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