Power Plant AccidentTwo men have died and four others are injured after a pipe ruptured in a Beaver County power plant.  Pennsylvania State Police report that the two workers who died were inside a pit while the others who were injured were standing above the pit. While underground, a pipe ruptured causing sludge to enter the pit. The pit is roughly 20-50 feet deep. The workers who were above the pit were then struck with toxic gas. All the workers involved were then flown to area hospitals.  Currently, two are still listed in critical condition.

FirstEnergy confirmed that the men were performing maintenance work underground. The pipe being worked on needed a new elbow joint roughly 25 feet underground. The pipe was also supposed to be disabled at the time of the accident.  

Recovering compensation after an accident

Because the men were at work when the incident happened, they could file a workers’ compensation claim. When an individual is injured on the job, they are entitled to payment of medical bills and wage loss through worker’s compensation.   It is also important to know that if an entity, besides the employer or fellow employee, is negligent and caused injury, a claim against that party – in addition to the worker’s compensation claim, may exist.

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