A study backed by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission data presents a list of the various products that lead to the most injuries among the elderly every year. Some of the listed risks are not so much products as they are dangerous conditions of the listed products.

Negligence by certain property owners or hired caregivers within facilities for the elderly could lead to the high number of injuries tied to the following products:

Porches and balconies

More than 19,000 injuries occur to victims ages 61 and older related to porches and balconies annually. The flooring can warp due to weather, and if not properly treated, the worn condition can cause trips, slips and falls. As you could imagine, property owners could prevent such injuries by tending to deteriorating conditions of their flooring.

Walls and ceilings

Nearly 29,000 injuries occur to elderly victims related to walls and ceilings every year. Balance problems among older men and women often lead to falls and collisions with walls or ceilings. These falls can lead to head wounds or concussions. If someone is in a nursing home facility, he and his family should be able to trust that the care providers there are helping him move around and avoid such accidents. The caregivers should be trained to properly handle patients in order to prevent falls and injuries. 

Negligence takes many forms. Products can be negligently designed, but they can also be compromised because of property owners’ negligence or caregiver negligence. We will continue discussing avoidable risks that the elderly face in our next post. 

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Source: Houston Chronicle, “The Most Dangerous Products for the Elderly,” Melanie Lashbrook, Oct. 27, 2015

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