With winter weather in full swing, you can expect to see PennDOT’s winter maintenance workers out making sure roads are safe for commuters.  Learn how you can do your part to safely drive around their snow removing vehicles.

  • When traveling behind a snow removing vehicle, stay at least six car lengths behind. This will help avoid damage to your vehicle from flying salt or other materials.  It is important to be patient when traveling around these vehicles.
  • Make sure your car is visible to snowplows. You can move your vehicle slightly to the left of the lane and turn your lights on when approaching from behind.  This will help the snowplow driver see you in their mirror.
  • Reduce speed when traveling near these vehicles. They tend to travel slower and may have to stop abruptly or backup.
  • If you are outside when a truck is driving past, move far from the road until the truck passes.

PennDOT’s winter maintenance workers are out to make sure roads are safe for commuters.  Do your part by practicing safe driving.

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Source: WTAE, “PennDOT Reminds Motorists to Drive Safely Around Plows”

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