While the name Buckyballs may not be familiar to readers, the product likely is. The small magnetic stacking balls can be a fun tactile distraction for users. Unfortunately, they are not designed for people of all ages and children have been hurt after ingesting the high-powered magnets. According to the CPSC, between the years of 2009 and 2011, an estimated 1,700 kids had to go to the emergency room after playing with Buckyballs. The strength of the magnetism contained in the balls could cause problems of swallowed.

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The recall is two years in coming. The CPSC sought to force Maxfield to recall Buckyballs and a related product, in 2012. At that time the business responded that the warnings the products contained were sufficient to let people know that they are not designed for children. Shortly thereafter the business went out of business. The recent recall makes it possible for individuals who purchased the unsafe product to seek a refund. The refund will be provided by the man who formerly served as head of the business. Consumers have six months to apply for the refund.

While most would likely agree that it is a good thing that the recall has been issued, for those whose children were hurt as a result of eating the metallic balls, it will not mean much. Fortunately they may seek damages via a products liability lawsuit. While such a case may be difficult to endure, if successful, the damages recovered could be a great help to the family.

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Source: The New York Times, “After Two-Year Fight, Consumer Agency Orders Recall of Buckyballs,” Rachel Abrams, July 17, 2014

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