A Pennsylvania couple recently filed a lawsuit against the owners of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazaette, for injuries the wife suffered when she slipped and fell in an auditorium at an event sponsored by the paper. The August Wilson Center for African American Culture was also named in the lawsuit.

The woman claims she fractured several bones in the fall, which occurred on a wax floor, including:

  • A bone in her left foot
  • Her right kneecap or patella
  • Her right elbow

She also broke a tooth in the fall when she got up from her seat to go to the restroom.

In the lawsuit the woman and her husband claim that the parties named as defendant should have been aware that a freshly waxed surface or highly polished area could be dangerous and that they permitted the hazardous and unsafe condition to exist. They also allege that the parties were responsible for allowing the conditions to exist.

The couple seeks damages in excess of $35,000.

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When someone is hurt in a slip-and-fall accident that is the fault of another person or entity, a lawsuit of this nature could be appropriate. If successful, the compensation recovered could help cover some of the medical costs that arise in connection with the injury. How this case will be resolved remains to be seen.

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