Called the Yellow Dot Program, it involves the placement of a sticker that is a yellow dot, in the back window of the vehicle. The appearance of that sticker alerts the emergency personnel who respond to the accident that medical information that could have a bearing on the outcome of the incident is in the glove compartment.

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The program’s name and color of sticker are derived from the term “golden hour” which is used to describe the period of time immediately following an incident resulting in a traumatic injury. It is during that period of time that it is most important that an injured individual receives medical care.

Those who take part in the program, which has been in existence since 2012, complete a specific form. This form provides information regarding:

  • Medical contacts.
  • Medical history.
  • Emergency contact information.

Regardless of whether someone takes part in this program, there are many matters that need to be addressed following an injury inducting crash. In addition to healing physically and mentally, the affected person must also deal with expenses associate with the crash. Because they can be quite exorbitant, some people seek financial compensation via a personal injury lawsuit.

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