It is alleged that she suffered severe and permanent pain and disability due to the defective pelvic mesh made by American Medical Systems.  Her attorney states that she will require additional surgeries to correct her injuries.

American Medical Systems is accused of marketing a product that they knew to have a high failure and complication rate.  The product was asserted to have resulted in what are referred to as “debilitating re-operations.”  Severe and irreversible injuries are said to have occurred to a number of other women.

Products liability cases come about for various reasons.  There can be problems with the design of the product or the way it was manufactured.  If risks are involved with the use of the product, the maker of that product needs to warn consumers regarding these possible defects.

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These cases can be complex in part because the product may be designed by a large manufacturer.  Proving up such claims may also prove to be difficult.  It’s for this reason that anyone injured by a product could benefit from speaking to an experienced products liability attorney.  

Like in the matter mentioned above, manufacturers may take certain steps to have a case moved to a more favorable jurisdiction for the company.  Therefore plaintiffs in such matters will want to have an attorney that will represent all of their interests.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “American Medical Systems removes pelvic mesh products liability claim to federal court,” Jon Campisi, Nov. 13, 2013

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