This is particularly important because of the types of vehicles being used in the industry and the things that they transport. In addition to transporting heavy machinery, trucks are used to move caustic chemicals such as acid. Water and sand are also commonly moved from one place to another. Wrecks involving any of these vehicles could be particularly devastating to those involved.

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The oil and gas industry has gone so far as to require that companies hire another business to guide various vehicles over sometimes treacherous roads in western Pennsylvania. This is done by both pickup drivers as well as road flaggers. In addition to trying to prevent accidents, these guides also help to minimize traffic jams.

When a situation does occur, recordings taken by cameras installed in the trucks can be reviewed to try to determine what steps can be taken to avoid a similar situation in the future. According to an employee of one of the safety businesses, the techniques work to help change driver behavior.

These actions could keep more than just workers safe. Other individuals traveling on the roads at the same time could be spared from serious injury or even death when accidents are prevented. When they do occur, those individuals should be aware that they have legal rights. A personal injury lawyer can help determine if a lawsuit makes sense.

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