Bicyclists and drivers are both guilty of making mistakes on the road that have contributed to accidents. Fortunately, many crashes can be avoided if bicyclists and drivers take certain precautions and follow the rules of the road.

Below are a few common mistakes bicyclists make:

•· Riding out into the street from a road, driveway or alley without stopping or looking. Bicyclists should look both ways and stop before entering the main road.

•· Failing to stop at a stop sign or red light. Bicyclists need to follow the same rules as motorists.

•· Riding while impaired. One in four bicycle fatalities had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit. A bicycle is a vehicle. You should never drink and drive.

•· Riding after dark. Although it may be unavoidable, if you plan to ride at night make sure you are visible. Wear bright and reflective clothing.

As a motorist it is important to share the road with bicyclists. Make sure you are always using turn signals so bicyclists know your intentions. Also, when passing a bicyclist, give them plenty of room. Most importantly, avoid distracted driving such as using your cell phone while on the road.

When a crash happens between a bicycle and a motor vehicle, usually the bicyclist is the one to be seriously injured or killed. Helmets are not required for bicyclists over the age of 12. However, adults should consider wearing a protective helmet to eliminate a serious head injury.

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