The month of May has been dedicated to Lupus awareness. According to the Lupus Foundation, nearly two-thirds of people do not know what Lupus is. By dedicating the month of May to the disease, the Lupus Foundation hopes to raise public awareness.

During the month, the Lupus Foundation of America, along with individuals, communities and the media, will be educating the public and raising awareness about the disease known as lupus. 

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system fails to serve its normal protective functions and instead forms antibodies that attack healthy tissues and organs. It is sometimes compared to your body being allergic to itself. For most people, lupus is a mild disease affecting only a few organs. For others, it may cause serious and even life-threatening problems.

The Lupus Foundation is putting all their efforts into advancing lupus research and building the next generation of lupus researchers through campaigns such as Lupus Awareness Month.

How can you can do your part to support Lupus Awareness Month.

  • Wear purple! Show your support by wearing purple: the recognized color for Lupus Awareness.
  • Share on social media: Visit the Lupus Awareness Month’s website for filters, infographics and other social media tools to help spread the word during May.
  • Follow the Lupus Foundation of America on Facebook, Twitter and
  • Donate: Support the Lupus Foundation’s efforts to advance lupus research by donatingto the Lupus Foundation.

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Source: Lupus Foundation of America, “Lupus Awareness Month”

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