What the images don’t tell you is that a pair of pedestrians were struck by an SUV and then run over by the bus. Both people — a man in a motorized wheelchair and a woman — were killed. Both victims had just gotten off of the bus and were starting to cross the street when they were struck by the SUV and then trapped under the wheels of the moving bus, witnesses said.

The accident was in mid-afternoon near the near the intersection of Centre Avenue and Allequippa Street, KDKA reported.

The man and woman had boarded the bus at the Veterans Affairs hospital, the station said.

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A witness on the bus said the man exited the bus and began to cross the street. “He had the light,” the witness said. A black SUV came around the bus and apparently did not see the two pedestrians. They were hit, thrown into the path of the bus and run over before the bus driver had a chance to react.

The accident happened on Monday two weeks ago. That Thursday, the Post-Gazette reported that the victims were a 73-year-old man and his 68-year-old wife.

The articles were unclear about whether charges had been filed by police against the SUV driver.

In pedestrian accidents involving death or serious injuries, families will often wish to explore their options in a discussion with an attorney experienced in both wrongful death and injury litigation.

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