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Take the ongoing case of a Berlin, Pennsylvania, man and his wife for example. The man suffered serious injuries when the couple attended a tractor pull put on by an acquaintance of theirs. The acquaintance, a 70-year-old Vanderbilt man, charged admission for the event at a race track in East Huntingdon Township. It was late in the evening when the Vanderbilt man called the Berlin man down from the stands for a demonstration, according to the couple’s lawsuit. The spectator went down to the event grounds where the tractors were competing and approached the event holder’s tractor and sled, just as the man had instructed. The two men were facing each other when the Vanderbilt man’s tractor “suddenly and without warning lurched forward,” the lawsuit documents say. The tractor proceeded to knock the man to the ground, run over him and crush his lower legs, the plaintiff says.

After the accident the man was hospitalized and underwent extensive surgery on his legs. He said the injuries left him disabled and still in pain, more than two years after the accident. He and his wife are seeking damages for the impairment of his general health, strength and vitality.

The accident happened in June 2010 and the lawsuit was filed a year ago. Recently the judge in the case ordered a change in venue for the case, adding a delay. But if the man is successful in gaining compensation for his permanent injuries, it will be a case well worth the wait.

Source: TribLive, “Change of venue ordered in tractor pull injury suit,” Paul Pierce, Feb. 20, 2013

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