According to a report released by Progressive Insurance, the month of July has had the most motorcycle accident claims in previous years.  Since summer is when you will see an increase in motorcycles on the road, it makes sense that June, July and August are when most motorcycle accidents occur, Saturdays being the most dangerous day of the week.

July is said to be the most dangerous month for motorcycle riders.  The average number of claims for the month are 79 percent higher than the average for the rest of the year.  There is no specific reason as to why July is the most dangerous other than the increase in traffic on roadways during this month and the Fourth of July holiday.  Progressive Insurance says the Fourth of July holiday weekend and week after typically have the highest number of motorcycle claims and crashes.

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It is important for motorcyclists and drivers to always be alert while on the roadways this summer.  If you are a motorcyclist who is driving for leisure, try to pick a day or hours that do not fall into peak rush hour.  Often, drivers do not see motorcycles.  Motorcyclists can do their part by wearing bright colored clothing and giving themselves plenty of space when riding around motor vehicles.  Also, keep in mind the winter left behind pot holes that can be dangerous for motorcyclists. Be alert and avoid these hazardous road conditions whenever possible.

When a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, the injuries they sustain can be life threatening.  If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, do not assume the accident was your fault.  You may have the right to recover money for medical bills, wage loss and pain and suffering.  

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Source:, “July Most Dangerous Month for Motorcycle Crashes According to Progressive Claims Data”

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