There are things that all on the road can do to keep motorcyclists safe, including the bikers themselves. To start, they can ride defensively and assume that other vehicles will not see them. Other things they can do are brake evenly, not take risks they are not prepared for and wear appropriate clothing.

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Because in many cases it is the automobiles that cause motorcycle accidents, it is even more important that those behind the wheel of cars do their part to keep roads safe. Keeping an eye out for motorcyclists is the first thing they can do. Second, when driving behind a motorcycle it is important to not follow too closely. In this same vein, it is often a good idea to drive under the assumption that the motorcycle located near you is actually closer than it is, because it may be. Last, chose to not engage in behaviors that are distracting.

When motorcycle accidents do occur, it is vital that injured motorcyclists know they may be entitled to financial compensation for the injuries they suffered. Because the injuries in these situations are often serious, anything recovered in a successful lawsuit is usually welcomed.

Source: The Press-Enterprise, “PUBLIC SAFETY: Campaign revs up on motorcycle safety,” Brian Rokos, Feb. 10, 2014

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