The application consists of two parts: the Benefit Application and the Adult Disability Report. The Benefit Application goes over basic information such as age, contact information, marital status and the date you became unable to work. Keep in mind a lot of factors go into the selection of this date. These factors will include your work and medical history.

The second part of the application, known as the Adult Disability Report, is much more extensive and goes into detail about your medical condition and treatment. You will have to provide information about your doctors, hospitals and medications in this section. You will also have to complete questions about your previous work history and your current employment status.

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Once the application is complete, there may be additional paperwork to fill out based on the information you provided. If you did the application yourself, the SSA will send you the required additional paperwork to fill out on your own. If you have a law firm complete your application, they will help you complete the additional necessary documents that are required to complete your application. The law firm will also assist you in filling out any future paperwork.

The entire application takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete. It is important to be prepared and patient when filing the application. At Berger and Green, we take time to make sure your application is complete and accurate. If you need assistance applying for Social Security disability benefits, call our firm today.

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