There is a complex process to determine if an applicant qualifies for Social Security Disability in Ohio. The process is the same for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) although the application is different.

The process will begin with the local Social Security Administration (SSA) field office and then move on to the Ohio Division of Disability Determination. You must meet the qualifications examined by both to draw disability benefits in Ohio.

There Are Several Ways to Apply for Disability

Before you apply, it is important to gather all the information you need. This includes routine identifying information such as your name, birthday, and Social Security Number along with more complex data, such as:

  • Information about your previous employers and dates you worked there
  • The date you first became unable to work
  • Contact information for all of your medical care providers

Once you have everything you need, you can begin the claims process. SSA offers several ways to file your claim for disability benefits. If we represent you during this time, our firm can handle the application process on your behalf.

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The Local SSA Field Office Will Ensure You Meet All Technical Requirements

When you apply for disability, your application will go to your local SSA field office. There, they will ensure you meet all technical qualifications. This differs by program but typically includes:

  • A limit on how much money you can make while receiving Social Security disability benefits
  • Having sufficient (and recent enough) work credits for SSDI
  • Meeting strict income and asset limits for SSI

Only if you meet all the technical qualifications will the local field office forward your file on to the Ohio Division of Disability Determination.

The Ohio Division of Disability Determination Will Evaluate Your Medical Qualifications

Once your file reaches the Ohio Division of Disability Determination, it is time to evaluate whether your impairment meets the Social Security Administration’s definition of disabled. SSD is only for those who have a total, long-term disability.

To evaluate your qualifications, the disability examiner will:

  • Request your relevant medical records from your doctors;


  • See if you meet the criteria listed in the SSA Blue Book of impairment listings under any applicable condition;


  • Evaluate your residual functional capacity to see if your impairment is severe enough to prevent you from getting and keeping any type of job

To meet the medical qualifications for SSDI or SSI, you must have medical evidence to prove your impairment and show it is severe enough to prevent working and will last at least a year or is likely terminal.

Only if you meet all technical and medical qualifications will they approve your claim for benefits in Ohio. In many cases, well-qualified claimants get denied for benefits because of a minor mistake or a missing piece of medical evidence. If your benefits get denied, a disability lawyer can help you appeal the decision. 

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Many People Get Approved for Disability Benefits During the Appeals Process

The Social Security Administration denies most of the initial applications it receives, either because of a technical disqualification or because they lack adequate medical proof. If this happens to you, we can help you appeal a denial. It is important to act quickly, though, because you only have a limited time to take action after you receive your notice.

At Berger and Green, our team can help you navigate the appeal and represent you throughout the process. We can even request a reconsideration on your behalf if there is sufficient time to do so. If they already denied your claim during reconsideration, give us a call right away.

It can be difficult to challenge a benefits denial, and, even when you have the evidence necessary, it can take a long time to get a decision on your SSD claim. Berger and Green will be here for you every step of the way.

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Talk to an Ohio Social Security Disability Attorney About Your Claim

At Berger and Green, our Ohio disability attorneys can help you understand if you are eligible for Social Security Disability and help you prepare and file your claim. We know how the process works and what it takes to get disability benefits. If the Social Security Administration does deny your initial claim, we can represent you during your appeal.

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