Fortunately, such incidents are still fairly rare in the Pittsburgh area, and most drivers are polite and considerate most of the time. But lesser incidents are all too common. In Canada, a nation hardly stereotyped as being rude or aggressive, one out of three people are the victims of road rage at least once a month, according to the CBC. And it is believed that 80 percent of Canadians will experience road rage at least once in their lives.

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Though road rage is different than drunk or distracted driving, it is just as dangerous, according to a psychologist interviewed for the CBC article. Ironically, research has shown that the top trigger for enraged drivers is witnessing a distracted driver, the psychologist said.

Drivers concerned about avoiding a crash can work to control their own emotions, through deep breaths and soothing music on the radio. But they may not be able to stop someone else from letting their anger boil over into a wreck that causes harm to innocent people. If that ever happens to you, you may need a personal injury attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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