Despite the onslaught, people are not hunkered down in their dens. Life does go on and that means traffic at places of work, restaurants and retailers. While we all have an obligation to be aware of immediate surroundings, we have no control over how others care for their property. Negligence can easily result in a crippling slip and fall accident

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Any number of factors can contribute to a hazardous situation. The cold weather means a heightened risk if sidewalks and parking lots haven’t been properly tended to keep them ice free. Once you step into place of business, tracked in snow can melt and floors can become as slick as the ice outside. If someone suffers as a result of negligence, they have a right to seek just compensation as a matter of law.

Our concern and sensitivity about hazardous conditions shouldn’t only be limited to weather conditions however. Other situations can crop up.

For example, how many times have you popped into your local bagel or coffee shop and seen a mug holding pens for signing charge receipts. It’s not uncommon for proprietors to fill the mugs with glass beads or marbles to hold the pens upright. What if that mug tumbles and spill its contents on the floor? Unless swift and thorough action is taken, someone could wind up sprawled out on the floor.

Accidents do happen. If those accidents are preventable, however, and someone gets hurt as a result, consulting an experienced attorney makes sense.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Winter making its presence felt in Pittsburgh,” Jon Schmitz, Dec. 31, 2013 

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