icy roadWinter weather is well underway. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the sudden change.

Snow, sleet and freezing temperatures can be a dangerous combination when it comes to driving.  Below are some helpful tips to get your vehicle ready for winter and what to do in dangerous winter road conditions.  

  • Start with a checkup on your vehicle: This includes checking the ignition, brakes, wiring, hoses and fan belts. Make sure your tires have enough air and the tread is in good shape.  You should check that you have enough antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid and that your windshield wipers are in good, working condition. 
  • Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle: You should keep a few necessary items in your vehicle in the event of an emergency. This should include a shovel, ice scraper, spare tire, jumper cables, bags of salt, tool kit, first aid kit, flares, a compass, non-perishable foods and a working flashlight with extra batteries.  It’s important to also keep some cold weather attire in your vehicle such as gloves, hats, scarves and blankets.
  • Remember car doors can freeze: Cold Weather can freeze doors and windows shut. Warm water will help unfreeze them; however, you may not have access to it. Buy a tube of glycerin at your local hardware store. You can use this for de-icing.  It is important to keep this outside of your vehicle though. Keep it in a purse or work bag so you can use the glycerin to de-ice your doors.
  • Practice safe driving: If you find yourself on icy roadways, the most important thing to do is slow down. Hitting the brakes hard is normally your first reaction: however, doing so will often lock up your brakes causing your vehicle to slide on the ice. Because sliding is common on icy roads, so are multi-vehicle pile ups. If you are involved in an accident, stay in the vehicle and keep your seat belt on until help arrives.  

To avoid an accident or injury, always monitor the weather before heading out.  Check local cable channels, radio, newspapers and websites to better prepare for the commute ahead and make sure you give yourself extra time to get to your destination. We hope that you find these tips helpful and that you enjoy the winter season, while staying safe on the road.

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Source: DMV.org, “How to Winterize Your Car”

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