Summer The Season with the Most Dog Bites.

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Summer: The Season with the Most Dog Bites.

Dog bite incidents often rise in the summer and sadly children are the most at risk.  It is important to make sure your child and dogs stay safe this summer.

Although the reason why dog bites peak during this time is uncertain, we can assume it is simply the warmer weather allowing children and dogs to be outside more often.

What you can do to prevent a dog bite incident

  • Read the Signs: Signs of a grumpy dog are pinned-back ears, tight lips, a tucked tail, stiff body, and heavy panting. If you see any of these signs, avoid the dog if possible.
  • Avoid Summer Stressors: Hot weather can cause dogs to be irritable and behave irrationally.  As a dog owner, make sure your dog has plenty of water.  Also, keep track of how long you keep your dog outside.  High temperatures can not only affect your dog’s behavior but also their health.
  • Teach Children: Dog bite injuries often happen as a result of children disturbing dogs while they are sleeping, eating, or in general do not wish to be bothered. Teach your children to be gentle and cautious with dogs and avoid bothering them when they seem occupied. 
  • Provide Socialization and Training: Exercise and socialization can help behavior problems and aggression. Owners should take their dogs to parks and on walks regularly.

Recovering compensation after an injury from a dog bite

The most common injuries a child faces when bit by a dog, are bites and scratches to their hands, arms, face and neck.  However, dog bites can cause other serious injuries that can debilitate a child’s life.  Dog bites can inflict rabies, bacterial infections, tetanus (“lockjaw”), or a viral infection such as herpes simplex virus.  It is important to seek necessary medical treatment immediately if your child suffered a severe dog bite. 

If your child has sustained injuries due to a dog bite, you may be able to pursue a personal injury claim.  It is a homeowner’s responsibility to make sure their dog does not cause harm or injury to others.  Contact the personal injury attorneys at Berger and Green to review your rights. Call 412-661-1400 today.


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