Although Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday shopping season, DUI season begins the day before.  Thanksgiving Eve has now become one of the biggest party nights of the year also known as “Black Out Wednesday.”   Whether it is work letting out early, friends and family traveling into town or simply knowing you do not have to work the next day, there are a numerous amount of reasons as to why this day has become so popular.  However, throw in some poor planning with no designated driver, and this is how an evening that started out as innocent fun can have a disastrous outcome.

Alcohol is to blame for more than 40 percent of fatal car accidents during the major U.S. holidays.  Thanksgiving is considered to be the deadliest holiday second to New Year’s Eve.  Drinking violations increase on an average of 54 percent on Thanksgiving Day alone.  According to the Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation, there were a total of 4,634 crashes and 51 deaths in Pennsylvania last year during Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.

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With these alarming statistics, people need to take precautionary measures to prevent these tragedies.  If you plan on drinking make sure you have a designated driver, a cab service or bus service lined up.  Take responsibility and if someone has been drinking do not let them drive.  If you see an impaired driver on the road contact local policy immediately.  Remember, even one drink can increase the risk of an accident.

Thanksgiving and the days surrounding the holiday are some of the most dangerous days for driving. An increase in drunk drivers and vehicles on the road can make the holidays turn tragic.  If you plan on driving over the next few days, please do so with caution and most importantly never drink and drive.  At Berger and Green we wish you a safe and happy holiday season.

2015 Pennsylvania Crash Facts and Statistic Book

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