Safety groups across the country are trying to raise awareness to the dangers of distracted driving to prevent car accidents. Part of their efforts includes educating the public about the different types of activities that cause distracted driving and potentially auto accidents.

One of the biggest issues that leads to distracted driving is that drivers believe they can multi-task. This leads to drivers trying to use their cellphone or complete other tasks all while still driving. This is very dangerous and increases the risk of an accident.

Drivers need to be aware of all the causes of distracted driving so they can stop trying to multi-task and focus on driving.

Some of the most common causes of distracted driving include:

  • Cellphone use
  • Changing the radio or heat settings
  • Adjusting vehicle controls
  • Drinking or eating
  • Searching for objects in the vehicle
  • Talking to passengers

These are all dangerous behaviors and common causes of distracted driving.

What can drivers do to prevent distractions behind the wheel? Drivers need to aware of their actions and prepare their vehicle before they start driving. This means setting your vehicle controls and reducing distractions before you start driving.

Distractions can lead to serious accidents. To protect yourself and everyone else on the road, you need to take steps now to everyone safe.

Distracted drivers who cause car accidents can be held liable for their actions. Victims should recognize their rights and consult an attorney after seeking medical care after being injured in a crash.

Source: Soo Today, “There’s more to distracted driving than texting,” Donna Hopper, Nov. 4, 2015

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