Residents of Pittsburgh who purchased a specific car seat base to use with the Orbit G2 car seat should be aware that the seat base was recently recalled. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that the reason for the recall is the possibility that a component of the base which is used to secure the device might either spin or become detached. This would leave the child unrestrained should a car accident occur, increasing the risk of that child being seriously injured.

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While the bases in question were manufactured over a four month period beginning in March of this year, not everyone who purchased the base in that time period needs to be concerned. A total of 2,962 bases are included in the recall, with model numbers ORB822000 and one of the following batch numbers:

  • A0840
  • A0860
  • A0880

At this point it does not appear that anyone has been injured as a result of the defective car seat base. Since car accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, even death, this is fortunate. In situations where a defective product is to blame the injured individual or his or her loved ones could decide to seek financial damages via the court system. This could be accomplished via a products liability lawsuit.

Source:, “Recall Alert: Orbit G2 Car Seat Bases,” Jennifer Geiger, Nov. 7, 2013

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