While it is becoming more a more common to hear about individuals—both kids and adults—suffering from concussions while playing sports, they occur in other situations as well including slip and falls, motor vehicle accidents and construction accidents. Regardless of how the injury is incurred, its long-term effects can be devastating to the person who has suffered it.

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While a concussion is most often not considered to be life-threatening, it can nonetheless change the life of someone who has suffered it for some time. Depending on the individual and the concussion, it is possible that symptoms could last for weeks and sometimes never go away. In addition to headaches victims of TBI could find that they are dealing with memory loss, abrupt changes in moods, cognitive deficits and impaired judgment. Any of these could require medical care over a long period of time resulting in great expense.

When a concussion is due to the negligence of another person, the injured individual might seek financial compensation from the responsible party. Anything recovered in a successful case could be used to help cover those medical bills as well as make life a little easier.

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