An 11-year-old boy was killed in a car accident that occurred in Springdale. Though the young boy survived the initial crash and was transported to an area hospital, his injuries were too serious and he died. The other individuals involved in the incident suffered injuries described as minor.

The incident, which involved two vehicles, took place when the driver of the vehicle in which the boy was a passenger, lost control of the car. This caused that car to enter into the path of traffic heading the opposite direction where it was struck by another vehicle.

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Law enforcement called to the scene focused on the reason the driver lost control. Accordingly, the collision reconstruction unit was one of the units called to the scene. Authorities believe that the loss of control of the vehicle could be due to roads that were slippery. Whether that in fact played a role will likely be determined by the collision reconstruction unit.

When a car accident that inflicts serious injury or death is due to negligent actions of one of the drivers involved it is possible that a civil personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit could be filed. Whether such a case will be filed in this instance remains to be seen.

Source: KDKA, “11-Year-Old Killed In Springdale Crash,” Jan. 3, 2013

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