Medicare is offered to elderly individuals and those who receive SSD benefits. If you fall into one of these categories, you won’t see too many changes to your Medicare coverage due to the Affordable Care Act. Since Medicare is not part of the Health Insurance Market Place that the Affordable Care Act has established, your benefits will remain the same in addition to a few new services. Preventative services including mammograms and colonoscopies will now be covered without the charging of the Part B coinsurance or deductibles. Also, Medicare recipients will be provided with a free “Wellness” visit once a year. Brand name drugs will also be affected by the Affordable Care Act. You will now get a 50 percent off discount on brand name drugs that would normally fall under Medicare’s Part D covered drugs program. The Affordable Care Act is also in support of providing doctors and hospitals with more financial help to promote and ensure the best health and treatment for patients and has also ensured that the Medicare trust fund be expanded to at least 2029.

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Medicaid is a federal/state partnership program offered to individuals and families that meet low-income requirements with few resources. Before, only children who were under the age of 19, pregnant women, adults with dependent children and elderly individuals were only eligible for Medicaid. It is also offered to those on SSI benefits. Now that the Affordable Care Act is in place, there is a standard income level across the United States for people to be eligible for Medicaid. Now, individuals under the age of 65, whose income falls 133 percent below the federal poverty level, will now be eligible for Medicaid benefits. The Affordable Care Act has also made it possible for all low-income adults to be eligible without the need of a waiver. The Medicaid benefit itself will not be seeing too much change, more so it affects the number of individuals that are now eligible to receive it. This will affect each state differently when it comes to funding.

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