Every day, people in the Pittsburgh area are injured as a result of the actions of others, whether by negligence or by malicious intent. Many of these injuries are from accidents such as car crashes, while others might be from deliberate acts. Of all the ways someone could get hurt in our part of the country, however, most people would think that a bomb explosion would be toward the bottom of the list.

However, that’s just what happened earlier this week in Cambria County. A man — whose motivation is still unclear — detonated a bomb in his pickup truck in front of a Clearfield Township home. The man was killed while two people inside the home, the homeowner and one of his sons, received serious injuries.

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According to reports, the man who set off the bomb was due to be sentenced that morning on multiple criminal charges including possessing liquid ammonia — allegedly used in running a meth lab — as well as running a chop shop. Officials said they were reviewing the connection, if any between the man who died and the man who was injured. Apparently the man who detonated the bomb had called the injured man immediately before the explosion; police say the call may have been of a threatening nature.

Whatever the motivation might have been, the result is that a man and his son were injured because of the actions of another person. People who find themselves injured as a result of the actions of others often consult with a personal injury attorney to determine their next steps.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “House obliterated, man killed in huge bomb blast in Cambria County,” Torsten Ove, March 20, 2013

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