The client testimonials can be found on the Berger and Green website. Once on the homepage, you will see a tab along the top of the page titled client testimonials. Click that tab to view the client testimonials. You can also click here to be directed there.

It is important for potential clients to watch these videos so they can see what other individuals, just like them, have to say about their experience with Berger and Green. They can find answers to questions they have about hiring an attorney on their case.

You will also learn about what types of cases Berger and Green handles and what we do to make those cases a success.

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We value our client’s feedback and opinion of Berger and Green. We want to ensure our clients are completely satisfied at the conclusion of their case. At Berger and Green we always put the client’s best interest first. We thank those who have shared their stories for us and our prospective clients.

If you are a past client of Berger and Green and want to share your story and experience with Berger and Green, contact Joy Gaggini at We would greatly appreciate your feedback.

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